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Avaya S8400 Media Server

The S8400 Media Server is a Linux-based server that provides Communication Manager processing
functionality in stand alone, single port network (PN), telephony systems requiring up to 900 stations.
The S8400 Media Server is composed of the:
                - TN8400AP Media Server circuit pack
- TN8412AP S8400 IP Interface (SIPI) circuit pack
The S8400 Media Server consists of a TN8400 hardware/software platform, TN8412AP SIPI circuit pack, Avaya Communication Manager, and optionally IA770 messaging software.
For new installations, the PN uses the G650 Media Gateway. In current installations, the S8400 Media Server is used as an upgrade path for a current PN based on G650 and G600 Media Gateways and CMC carriers. Since the S8400 Media Server supports only one port network, and different media gateways cannot be mixed in the same port network, a G650 Media Gateway cannot be added to an S8400 system that carries forward a CMC1 or G600 Media Gateway as a result of a migration.
The S8400 Media Server uses the TN8412AP S8400 IP Interface (SIPI) circuit pack to provide:
- Circuit pack control within its port network
- Cabinet maintenance
- Tone-clocks
- Emergency transfer switch functionality
- Customer/external alarms.
The S8400 Media Server provides a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) based integrated messaging capability for up to 450 light duty users. This option requires 8 ports of VoIP resources be provisioned with the S8400 Media Server.
The system also supports up to five media gateways including but not limited to:
                - G700
                - G350
                - G250
                - G150
                - Multi-Tech
The S8400 Media Server does not support Enterprise Survivable Server (ESS) or local survivable processor (LSP) functions.
                The S8400 Media Server can include three separate TN circuit packs; two required and one optional.
TN8400AP Media Server that provides:
- Avaya Communication Manager call processing
- Coresident voicemail
- On board diagnostics
- Autonomous alarming
TN8412AP S8400 server IP interface (SIPI) that provides:
- Low-level control functions and services for a TN port network
- Tone detection and generation
- Carrier maintenance and diagnostics
- Input/output of alarm leads
- Emergency transfer
The S8400 Media Server uses a solid state drive (SSD) and a hard disk drive (HDD) to:
Run Avaya Communication Manager
Hold translations (The SSD does not save translations; the Compact Flash performs that task.)
Function as the primary storage device
Communication between the S8400 Media Server and the TN8412AP is by IP link.
You can connect his link by an external switch or point-to-point by a single Ethernet crossover cable. The TN8412AP as a single Ethernet interface for control.