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Avaya S8500 Media Server
The Avaya S8500 Media Server is a simplex server that offers the flexibility and availability that growing companies need. With the full capabilities of Avaya Communication Manager, the S8500 Media Server is scalable and can be used as a total converged stand-alone solution for a midsize enterprise. The S8500 is capable of supporting both Internet Protocol (IP) and traditional endpoints enabling new technology, and the ease of migration from legacy Avaya systems.
The S8500B (IBM x306) Media Server is a manufacturer’s lifecycle replacement for the S8500 (IBM x305) Media Server.
The S8500B utilizes Augmentix’s Server Availability Management Processor™ (A+SAMP™) Card – a third party vendor remote maintenance board.
The S8500B system has a single USB modem connected to the A+SAMP card. The S8500B’s modem can be accessed by both the SAMP and the HOST server (IBM x306) for dial-out purposes.
The modem is also used by Avaya Services to perform remote administration and maintenance on the entire system..
The Avaya S8500B Media Server offers high-end telephony performance in a midsize server designed for either stand alone locations or as part of a distributed enterprise with 150 - 3200 stations.

The S8500B Media Server comes standard with the following hardware components:
• Pentium IV 1024-KB Level-2 cache and MMX (MMX2) technology microprocessor.
• 512 MB RAM
• IDE DVD-ROM drive
• 1.44 MB floppy drive
• 80-GB (minimum) SATA hard drive
• Two USB ports on the front and two USB ports on the back (one the four is used for the Compact Flash drive)
Note: The SAMP card also has USB ports that are in addition to the four specified on the S8500B itself.
• One serial port (may be used for console redirection)
• A keyboard port (not used)
• A mouse port (not used)
• Two 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet ports
• A Server Availability Management Processor (SAMP) card for maintenance
• An external Compact Flash Memory Reader
• A Compact Flash 128 MB industry media (optional)
• One USB modem
• AC-powered
• Includes RAM disk.
Note: An optional dual-NIC card can be added to the configuration when the network control is sent over a dedicated LAN.
The S8500 Media Server is similar to the S8710 Media Server platform with the following major exceptions:
• The S8500 Media Server Platform does not support duplication of the processor server, backbone network, or IP Server Interfaces (IPSIs).
• The S8500 Media Server supports the presence of a remote maintenance board.
S8500 Simplex Server Capacities

• Total Number of Ports: 3200
• Total Stations: 2400 (IP and Traditional)
• Total Trunks: 800 (IP and Traditional)
• Total Port Networks/Locations (G650, G600, CMC1): 64
• Total G700/G350/G250/G150 Media Gateways: 250
• Total S8300 Local Survivable Processors (LSPs) : 250
• Total Enterprise Survivable Servers (ESS) : 63
• Up to 100,000 Busy Hour Call Completions (BHCC) depending upon call mix

Avaya S8500 Media Serve with a Single Port Network – G650 Media Gateway