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Extreme Networks

Core and aggregation switching solutions scale to solve tough voice and security challenges with high availability, crystal clarity, and integrated security features. Edge switching solutions provide a powerful portfolio to support everything from basic connectivity to advanced, high-speed services for demanding desktop applications.

Scalable wireless LAN solutions are available for small to medium to large enterprises. Extreme Networks’ wireless solution offers world class capabilities including comprehensive network-wide security, enterprise grade voice services and unified policies and services across wired and wireless networks. We enable the enterprise customer to reduce the complexity for wireless network deployment and manage.

Our pioneering Virtualized Security Resource architecture enables cost-effective and pervasive deployment of advanced security capabilitie.

Solve tough management challenges with simple tools to configure, monitor, secure, and operate your network.

ExtremeXOS is an open, extensible network operating system with a modular design for high availability and application versatility.

The challenges you face today are daunting and different from the challenges you had several years ago. Truly converged networks that carry voice, video, data and wireless traffic are fast becoming a business imperative. Additionally, in a business environment where every second counts, application availability and network reliability are critical components for your success.