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The Sentriant family of security products provides organizations with cost-effective, easy-to-deploy solutions to today’s tough network security challenges. These high-performance, highly scalable products verify that connecting devices are in compliance with security policy and detect and mitigate rapidly propagating network threats in seconds.
Extreme Networks® products are targeted to protect your network infrastructure from attacks that originate from within the network and to control access to critical resources. LAN switches, wireless LAN controllers and security products from Extreme Networks provide a variety of security policy violation detection capabilities and policy enforcement capabilities. The combination of these products allows the network to participate in improving the overall security posture of your infrastructure and protect access to critical networked resources. Leveraging the capabilities within the network elements allow our security products to scale with your infrastructure and reduces the number of appliances that you need to add to achieve the required security posture. The reduction in the number of appliances improves the availability of the network and reduces the total cost of ownership.

Santriant AG200 Network Access Control NAC

Whether they know it or not, most organizations have experienced the pain and financial impact of network compromises due to insecure endpoint devices connecting from within their own network. Preventing these security incidents requires more than shutting off ports or limiting physical access within a building. Effective access control requires a pro-active approach to ensuring that all endpoint devices are properly secured and free of threats before they are granted access to internal network resources.
Sentriant AG200 meets this need by providing a complete Network Access Control (NAC) platform that works with a variety of network infrastructures, across all access types (wired, wireless, VPN), and with a wide range of endpoint devices. Sentriant AG200 automatically tests each endpoint and verifies that its security level meets the organization's security requirements before allowing access to the network. A non-compliant device can be placed in quarantine with restricted access until it can be repaired through several remediation options before being granted full access.

Santriant AG200

Santriant NG300

Sentriant NG300 uses behavior-based threat detection methods (no signatures to update) to detect threats. It also includes a sophisticated early warning system that employs unused IP space to identify threats. The use of behavior-based threat detection technology means Day-Zero threats for which signatures are unavailable can be detected very quickly before they propagate and create a mitigation nightmare.
Unlike other internal LAN security systems, however, Sentriant NG300 is not an in-line device, creates no performance impact to networks, and cannot jeopardize network availability – all of which are especially critical while your network is under attack.
  • Defends against threats without interfering with network traffic
  • Delivers fast detection with a network of virtual decoys creating an early warning system that fires an alert when a virtual target is contacted
  • Isolates attackers and prevents them from communicating with the remainder of the network, allowing mission-critical data to continue to flow normally
  • Complements existing perimeter security and host-based security solutions
  • Operates effectively with all vendor switches but can scale to handle your multi-gigabits of traffic and reduce acquisition cost for security coverage, when integrated with ExtremeXOS® CLEAR-Flow enabled switches

Santriant NG300